How to Make A Rosie the Riveter Costume – You Can Do It!

How to Make Your Very Own Rosie the Riveter Costume

Ladies, are you looking for the perfect costume? Instead of going for a revealing, womanizing, and degrading outfit, why not dress as the symbol of true Girl Power?! Rosie the Riveter, the iconic female image that inspired women across America to get out of the home and into the work force during WWII is the perfect costume for any woman. The costume is simple to make, inexpensive, and it will show off your tough girl, can-do attitude- a truly sexy look!

There were several variations of the Rosie icon. Let’s start with the first and most well-known look:

Iconic Rosie

This is the image of Rosie that we all think of- a young woman in denim with a red and white polka dot scarf wrapped around her head standing against a yellow background and the legendary phrase “We Can Do It!” above her.

To recreate this look, you will need blue denim jeans, a blue denim work shirt, and a red and white polka dot bandana. You can find all of these at your local thrift store, a fabric store, or maybe even hiding in your own closet!

Wear you denim shirt tucked in to your jeans. Roll up the sleeves so you can show off your muscle arm Rosie pose! Next, pull your hair up into a medium height loose bun and secure with bobby pins. Fold your bandana in half and then into a triangle. Staring with the point, fold the fabric up to the opposite end.  You can make the bandana as thick or thin as you want. Tie your bandana around your head with the knot on top, secure with bobby pins.

Couldn’t find a red polka dot bandana? Check your local fabric store to make sure you get the perfect pattern. You will only need about a half a yard!

Your Rosie the Riveter outfit is almost complete- Just put on that ruby red lipstick you’ve been dying to wear all year to finish the look! With a plain brown belt and pair of white tennis shoes, you’re ready to show off your new Rosie the Riveter costume!

Rosie Variations

Tuck a front buttoning shirt into a pair of pleated, high waist pants. Tie a bandana of any color around your head and finish off with a pair of saddle shoes or work boots and a black lunch pail.

Wear a blouse with the sleeves rolled up tucked into a pair of dark, wide-leg pants. Then find a colored apron that doesn’t have lettering to wear over the top. Complete the outfit with work boots, a bandana around the hair and a drill.

The last look calls for a short sleeved blouse worn under a pair of overalls. Tie a red bandana around your hair and pin an index card with the words “We Can Do It!” onto the front pocket. Finish off with a pair of old work boots and tool belt.


To help you with your transformation into becoming Rosie, here are a few good video tutorials.

Rosie the Riveter Simple Makeup Tutorial: This is a quick, but professional, tutorial on how to get that classic winged eyeliner look by Youtuber MakeupUniversity.

Rosie the Riveter Hair Tutorial by Susie Brown of the Jane Dear girls provides  this quick and simple toot to get that classic Rosie bandana look!

Rosie the Riveter — a Halloween tutorial:  This is a great homemade video tutorial that is almost 9 minutes long.  Youtube user EverythingsPeachy514 does an awesome job walking you through every step to transforming yourself into a passable Rosie.